Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yellow Nail Trend

If you are one to follow current trends and nail art, Yellow is the new “hot” color to use on your finger nails. Especially the neon yellows, that came out with a BOOM this year.

All shades of yellow are being used, from pastel buttercup hues to bright summer neon's. Katy Perry rocked her neon yellow nails which complimented her royal blue hair at the MTV Movie Awards. Rihanna is also spotted wearing her yellow nails polish with smiley faces on the tips. A trend I personally liked and decided to try. They looked lovely.

Yellow is very popular trend on the market. Chanel’s nail lacquer for this summer is “Mimosa” while OPI appropriately titled their shade of yellow ‘the “IT” colour.’ The colour is simply associated with cheerfulness and warmth. It can enhance one’s mood and contribute to a happy aura. I personally love the trend and would recommend that you try it.


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