Friday, May 28, 2010

the teen vogue handbook: intern tips all the tips you need to become a first class intern.

I found this helpful and to the point! :) *hearts teen vogue!!*

Interview Tips

* Prepare a list of your favorite designers, photographers, and stylists. A comprehensive knowledge of the field demonstrates your passion and shows that you've done research.

* Arrive on time and dress to impress. Your ensemble should reflect your personal style as well as the position you're applying for.

* Remember to ask some questions of your own. Inquiring about the details of the job indicates enthusiasm.

* Send a handwritten thank-you note—not an e-mail—after the interview. It's a thoughtful gesture.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Despise seeing dark under-eye circles!!!! – BeAuTy CrIsiS!!

Please girlie's try  to find a concealer that actually covers up those dark circles, it can be tough, but luckily I have searched a few of our favorite makeup artists an have weighed in on how to keep your eyes looking fresh!

When choosing a concealer for under the eyes, you want something that's really creamy, camouflages darkness, lifts and brightens around the eyes. Having a slight melon tone to your concealer will balance those unwelcome dark shades that reside beneath the eye.

Also, application is key. Use your finger and pat the product from the inside corner of the eye and out to give a smooth, natural coverage. You only need a little because too much concealer can actually bring focus to the under eye area. Make sure you layer as you go. Avoid applying to much concealer under the eye area at one time. This can create a cakey look.

When using concealer under the eye you want to make sure the color is at least one to two shades lighter then your skin tone. If it is not lighter it will not lighten up the dark circles. It is typical for a girl with dark circles who has only used a concealer to end up with a gray color under the eyes. This is primarily because the color is not rich enough. You need to find a basic concealer that is one to two shades lighter than the skin tone, and mix it with a very rich foundation.

For some, their most captivating feature can be one's eyes. Please, invest in a  concealer that suits your skin tone and avoid leaving  your home with dark under-eye circles. It helps enhance a refreshing look that would be appropriate for going to work or simply running your daily errands. 


*BeAuTy TiPs* : How to deal with grown out bangs... :)

#1 Pin Em' Back!
Brush the bangs back toward the back of your head. Then, push them forward so they pouf up a bit and bobby pin at the crown. Swipe on pomade or gel to smooth flyaways.

#2 Do the twist!
Pull your bangs up, give them a twist, pin to one side and spritz with spray!

#3 The split and tuck
Part damp hair down the middle, coaxing your bangs away from your face. Draw back on each side bobby pin about two inches from your forehead then just slide the rest of the hair over the telltale pins. It's a clever little trick!

#4 Sweep them up and away. 
Work gel into damp hair and blow dry it straight back. Comb hair into a low ponytail,pin mist hairspray to keep them blended.

I truly believe your hair is a major asset to your beauty!! Paying attention to your hair is very important in having an attractive image. Always remember...Image Is Everything!! :)


Carnival Accessories Round-up!!!

You know trini love to party and our favorite feteing period is finally here!!! The time to “palance”, a verb that has been recently use by many due to the popular hit by JW and Blaze, means time to lime or “movements” commonly used by the “Critz crew”. Carnival, the most highly anticipated time of the year by the majority is finally in season along with many preparations, most importantly being your imagine. How does one portray themselves at the major all inclusive fetes and other popular parties. What you wear and how you wear it tells a lot about your personality and character. In this article are some useful tips I would like to refer as “Carnival Accessories Round-up”. Fashion trends, hairstyles, and beauty tips that are displayed by popular celebrities such as Rhianna, Miley, Beyonce, et al in 2k10. Most exhibiting an eclectric trend of punchy colours, graphic tees and a vintage look.

This year fashion trend consist of shimmering clothering, accessories, styles featuring gold, silver, bronze, metallic and sequin finishes. Along with these sequin finishes are satin dresses and skirts. This new shimmering look not only catch the eye but reflect light to enhance the body curves, giving off a sexy and femine look while adding splash and flair to any ensemble. Neon nails and make up weather lipgloss or eye shadow such as ultra violet or hot pink also go along with the entire elcentric look.

Some of my outfits in mind depend on where one intends to go. If on the street on a Carnival Friday evening watching kiddie’s carnival, I would suggest one wear a pair of those colored jeans. I have a light orange that I absolutely adore! And Dark tops, any dark color that would complement the color of the jeans. Black is safe. However if the jeans is a soft color as in aqua blue or what not a white plain tee would do, or one with those random prints to elevate the eclectric look. According to my boyfriend Jarryd, “its all about the graphics” lol. Girls we have some funky, playful colours printed on tees, choose a colour to dominate and use for your choice of accessories to enhance your look. For example, yellow hoops.

On the road Monday and Tuesday, all those “chipping on the pavement”, get the perfect shorts. I was thinking nothing to tight; you would be on the road all day and want to be comfortable. Those khaki/ plaid/ denim shorts, graphic tee or vest and invest and a very cool hat. Trendy and efficient. The hat has to be able to do his job. Shade you from that Sun. I saw really nice ones in Wonderful world; please remember to put on the stockings on display before trying on the hat. There are even more trendy ones in Eye Candy or New York upper level, Trincity (by the food court). Footwear, converse are my favorite but for those playing mass, flat boots is a must! That’s the style for all masqueraders 2k10. Very comfortable, very trendy! Also people, avatar shades are in, very stylish.

My look for the fetes were mostly Rhiana’s style, sported black the majority of the time “all black everything”, frequently leather. My liquid leggings are my favorite; there are also leather shorts and those with the sequins. I wore the sequin skirt with a semi-wide belt and black vest. Of course my necklace added spice to the vest, as it was in layers of silver and black chains with little hanging crosses. Accessories are very important in enhancing an outfit. Please remember that. Invest in your look. Pay attention to your appearance. Image is everything!!!

Well one and all have a safe carnival, please leave your valuables at home, it hurts when you lose something that you was so attached to. Take my advice; do without the bbm for just 2days. Go back old school!

Remember everything you do, do it in style and risk are there to be taken. Enjoy!!!


New Years Eve Swag!!! :)

Highly anticipated for most, New Years Eve is drawing near and thus the end of the year 2009.....We anxiously welcome the year 2010!!!!!

I dont know about much girls but what bothers me the most about New Years Eve is.............what I am going to be wearing to bring in the Prosperous New Year!!?! :s

In my opinion New Years Day is every man's bday! Everyone should be happy, excited, elated and most importantly LOOKING their best!!!!! :D

By my close friends, Im known for being a risk taker and I’ve always been like that, especially when it comes to fashion. So my ideas for dress up is a bit on the sparkley side. Which I am extremely excited to share incase anyone else is in my dilemma and wants some fashion advice.

Here are some outfits in mind:-

1. Those dazzlie sequin tops... weather vest or tube, tuck it into a Black High waist skirt, o red if they compliment eachother, and Black Heels, plz grls not those heels that have gone out of style, there are the hawtttt gladiators, and peep toes with the metals o studs...just make sure the shoes bring out and go along with the outfit. SHOES ARE MUYYY IMPORTANTE!!!!!! Si!?!
Acessories: with the sequin tops (these are the tops with endless sequence diamonds on them ok) a chain is not needed, but those lovely hanging indian earings are a plus, something sparkle y n fun :)
Make Up: Be creative with the eyes, use colours to compliment the top and dont forget black eyeliner, some ppl do...i love black eyeliner!!!

2. This is my preference, A New Years eve dress :)
I was thinking those dresses made from the satin material, plain, tube, no strap dresses, the type of material the dress is made of give it a formal look, but the length and no strap giving it the party look. Now with this dress a belt is very important, pick the perfect belt to go along with the dress. I love the wide ones with the studs on them, they might be the perfect match. They are available at cache and bang bang for less than $100. Plz try them on before purchase, got one as a gift and it was a big small lol.
Accesories: I wear tons of chains with no strap, mostly bc im not a big fan of no straps. Not enough cleavage :( i think a cluster of necklaces would go well with the outfit and small earings. Funky :) Once again HEELS is the big deal here...find the perfect heels for the dress OK!
Makeup: Can be mellow...just focus on the eyes and use some blush :)

3. Liquid leggings are my new found favourite pants!!!! These are the leather look fitted leggings...commonly worn by ri ri :P
Now what i love about these leggings is that they can go along with anything and any look. So for New Years Eve, pull out your pair and lay it on the bed, above it rest either an oversize tee, or and off the shoulder (the oversize would be pulled of one should, this is what i do :P), Colour isnt a big deal, I would recommend a white v neck tee, or a funky round neck, long, with some frills (if this top is your choice a small, tin belt is needed to accent it, for around the hips) ...what ever piece you desire to wear with this god sent leggings, keep in mind a rockstar/rebel/preppy look :)
The easy part with choosing the liquid leggings is that the heels are easy, black shinny hot heels and your in the game.
Accessories: Long Chain! This is a most have to complete the outfit and hoops, not to small, not to big :) And don't forget bangles!!!

Well ladies, that was my three options on New Years Eve Swag!!!! Lets bring in the New Year in style! *flips hair* lol

“"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” Be Bold, express yourself and create ur identity!

And remember......Fashion is not something that exists in apparel only. Fashion is in the zone, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening, Fashion is apart of you so embrace it with your all for the year 2010!!!!!!!!!!

Love my hottt friends!!!!
Zwena :)