Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glossary: Shoes

Shoes... Girl's Best Friend :)

[ pump ]  Always elegant, even the simplest pump can be adorned with jewels, buckles, bows, or beading to represent your style.

[ sling-back ]  For a cozier finish, the closed-toe sling-back pump is a stylish alternative.

[ sandal ] Tropical climate choice, a sandal in any heel height can work well with either full or column gowns.

[ mule ]  More suited to an informal ceremony or to a bride who wants to embrace a more unconventional choice, be sure the shoe is secure enough for comfort.

[ tip ]  Purchase your shoes after choosing your gown and before the first dress fitting.

to be continued... :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 steps to a perfect at-home pedicure!!

Ladies cracked heels, corn and unpolished nails (meaning nail polish started peeling off) is NOT ever attractive. You want to always display proper hygiene, show that YOU mean alot to yourself, enough to always be trim, prim and proper. Always love and take care of YOU first! Here are ten effective steps to allow yourself to have a pedicure at home. Your budget depends on the items you wish to purchase or use. It is very cost efficient, quick and effective. Pamper yourself!!!! :)

1. Buff feet when dry, not wet. To really shift dead skin. Use a sturdy foot file and focus on the heels, balls of feet and edges of toes.

2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a reviving foot soak which helps strengthen and whiten nails. Soak feet for 10 minutes. If you can lay your hands on some marbles, pop them in the bowl and roll your feet back and forth over them for a blissful DIY massage!
3. Massage feet briskly with a foot scrub to get rid of the last dregs of dead skin, then rinse.
4. Dry your feet and gently ease back your cuticles with a cuticle stick.
5. Cut your nails straight across with nail clippers. Make lots of little snips, rather than all at once, or you might break your nail.
6. Use a nail file to gently round the edges of your toenails so they don't snag your tights.
7. Massage your feet with a rich foot lotion.
8. For the ultimate treat, apply foot lotion before bedtime, wrap them in cling film, then add some socks and hop into bed. Wake up to dreamy-soft soles!
9. If you want to add some colour, wipe off the foot lotion from your nails using a damp cotton wool pad. Then add a base coat, two layers of polish and a high-shine topcoat.
10. For a low-maintenance finish add a coat of stain corrector which instantly brightens your nail tip and makes the nail bed pinker and prettier.