Monday, September 10, 2012

House of Marley Concert: Review

The Marley brothers gave an exhilarating performance. They blessed the masses with their powerful reggae vibe and messages on one love, harmony and unity. Although I had an epic time seeing Damian "Jr Gong" Marley live, there are a few things that bothered me. For instance:

  • The Bar - It was under-staffed with hostile workers. I ordered a coke; the bartender pulled it out of the case and gave it to me without any ice or cups. By 2am the ice ran out as well as some of the alcohol provided. I was not in the "drinks inclusive" section. 
  • The Programme - In between performances there wasn't any "vibes" due to the lack of planning of the show (I guess). Both Soca and Reggae performances were spectacular but the hype other than that died. Ryan Spartan saved the night with their selections of popular tunes. I had alot of fun with his segment.
  • Washrooms - The washrooms were located inside of the Stadium or to the front of it. To use it one had to leave the concert and go into the stadium or out front. In my opinion, it was too far.
Apart from those three little issues I had, the Marley Concert was indeed Magical and I am happy to have been apart of it. There were a lot of people dressed to compliment the Rastafarian culture and what it stands for. People sport the colors red, yellow and greens as well as maxi dresses and khaki shorts. While others wore their national colors to celebrate TnT 50th Independence. 

Below I attached some pictures off outfits people wore to the event. Hope you didn't miss it and I am sure you agreed with my annoyances for the night. However, the concert performances were indeed breath-taking. 

Zwenz. xx

My friends and I in VIP.

My favorite - Jr Gong Marley!