Sunday, June 12, 2011

Step Back and Step Up!!!

“Fashion” has “meaning”; it has sociological implications; it reflects our subconscious desires and society’s underlying feelings about women, where we live, where we belong, how we live our lives. There is one thing that is predictable in Fashion: Everything that was once old would become new again. This article would explore the dresses and skirts from the 60s and 80s that are looping itself into our era. Fashion helps pin point one’s identity and as I always say “Image is everything, invest in it!”

Let’s firstly take a look at dresses. Be it sun dresses, floral dresses, cocktail dress, strappy dresses, chiffon dresses, they are all being transformed into day to day outfits with the help of popular designers that have realized dresses are the easiest piece of clothering to pull out of the closet and accentuate for any type of event. Be it to the office, on camp, a trip to the mall, a dinner, a party, of to the club, dresses are in high demand. If you’re a sweetheart one can visit Carolina Herrera, sexy; Versace, Cute; Dior, a cutting edge; Balenciage, Elegant; Ralph Lauren or exotic; Prada. Whatever look you identify yourself with, a dress can compliment it. What matters most about a dress, however, is the length. A knee-length dress creates versatility. Dresses can be tones down with a lovely pair of sandals or flats and a cardigan or toned up with a pair of heels and glamours accessories. Those who reject strappy dresses no longer have to; invest in white or black tank tops, blazers or cardigans to add extra coverage and security. Accenting pieces allow you to promote your identity or creativity. If you’re a girly girl like myself, a cardigan and sandals with some beaded accessories during the day and diamond accented clutch and sparkly stilettos and jewelry during the night. Its so easy to dress your dress. :)

Full skirts are the new WOW, after the popular skinny jeans. Ruffles, poufs or pleats, volume are what make these skirts so special. We no longer have to squeeze ourselves into pencil skirts to look curved and attractive. The shapes are looser and airier, but no less chic and refined. However the trick in wearing these skirts is looking good, not looking like you put on some extra pounds or sloppy. For those who are insecure about there legs, black leggings are not a bad idea. Skirts should be paired with something close to your figure to accentuate the lines and sexiness of your body. Once again white or black tank tops are a great buy and very affordable. To compliment your look, wear a belt, tie a bow around your waist, picking a colour that is vibrant or attractive and tuck in your shirt (obviously). Metallic and neon colours are in; don’t be afraid to explore them when choosing accessories to add that cutting edge.

Always remember, “"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” Be Bold, express yourself and create ur identity!”

Invest in your image!!!
Zwena =)