Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Years Eve Swag!!! :)

Highly anticipated for most, New Years Eve is drawing near and thus the end of the year 2009.....We anxiously welcome the year 2010!!!!!

I dont know about much girls but what bothers me the most about New Years Eve is.............what I am going to be wearing to bring in the Prosperous New Year!!?! :s

In my opinion New Years Day is every man's bday! Everyone should be happy, excited, elated and most importantly LOOKING their best!!!!! :D

By my close friends, Im known for being a risk taker and I’ve always been like that, especially when it comes to fashion. So my ideas for dress up is a bit on the sparkley side. Which I am extremely excited to share incase anyone else is in my dilemma and wants some fashion advice.

Here are some outfits in mind:-

1. Those dazzlie sequin tops... weather vest or tube, tuck it into a Black High waist skirt, o red if they compliment eachother, and Black Heels, plz grls not those heels that have gone out of style, there are the hawtttt gladiators, and peep toes with the metals o studs...just make sure the shoes bring out and go along with the outfit. SHOES ARE MUYYY IMPORTANTE!!!!!! Si!?!
Acessories: with the sequin tops (these are the tops with endless sequence diamonds on them ok) a chain is not needed, but those lovely hanging indian earings are a plus, something sparkle y n fun :)
Make Up: Be creative with the eyes, use colours to compliment the top and dont forget black eyeliner, some ppl do...i love black eyeliner!!!

2. This is my preference, A New Years eve dress :)
I was thinking those dresses made from the satin material, plain, tube, no strap dresses, the type of material the dress is made of give it a formal look, but the length and no strap giving it the party look. Now with this dress a belt is very important, pick the perfect belt to go along with the dress. I love the wide ones with the studs on them, they might be the perfect match. They are available at cache and bang bang for less than $100. Plz try them on before purchase, got one as a gift and it was a big small lol.
Accesories: I wear tons of chains with no strap, mostly bc im not a big fan of no straps. Not enough cleavage :( i think a cluster of necklaces would go well with the outfit and small earings. Funky :) Once again HEELS is the big deal here...find the perfect heels for the dress OK!
Makeup: Can be mellow...just focus on the eyes and use some blush :)

3. Liquid leggings are my new found favourite pants!!!! These are the leather look fitted leggings...commonly worn by ri ri :P
Now what i love about these leggings is that they can go along with anything and any look. So for New Years Eve, pull out your pair and lay it on the bed, above it rest either an oversize tee, or and off the shoulder (the oversize would be pulled of one should, this is what i do :P), Colour isnt a big deal, I would recommend a white v neck tee, or a funky round neck, long, with some frills (if this top is your choice a small, tin belt is needed to accent it, for around the hips) ...what ever piece you desire to wear with this god sent leggings, keep in mind a rockstar/rebel/preppy look :)
The easy part with choosing the liquid leggings is that the heels are easy, black shinny hot heels and your in the game.
Accessories: Long Chain! This is a most have to complete the outfit and hoops, not to small, not to big :) And don't forget bangles!!!

Well ladies, that was my three options on New Years Eve Swag!!!! Lets bring in the New Year in style! *flips hair* lol

“"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” Be Bold, express yourself and create ur identity!

And remember......Fashion is not something that exists in apparel only. Fashion is in the zone, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening, Fashion is apart of you so embrace it with your all for the year 2010!!!!!!!!!!

Love my hottt friends!!!!
Zwena :)

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