Wednesday, May 26, 2010

*BeAuTy TiPs* : How to deal with grown out bangs... :)

#1 Pin Em' Back!
Brush the bangs back toward the back of your head. Then, push them forward so they pouf up a bit and bobby pin at the crown. Swipe on pomade or gel to smooth flyaways.

#2 Do the twist!
Pull your bangs up, give them a twist, pin to one side and spritz with spray!

#3 The split and tuck
Part damp hair down the middle, coaxing your bangs away from your face. Draw back on each side bobby pin about two inches from your forehead then just slide the rest of the hair over the telltale pins. It's a clever little trick!

#4 Sweep them up and away. 
Work gel into damp hair and blow dry it straight back. Comb hair into a low ponytail,pin mist hairspray to keep them blended.

I truly believe your hair is a major asset to your beauty!! Paying attention to your hair is very important in having an attractive image. Always remember...Image Is Everything!! :)


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