Monday, August 29, 2016

Life of a New Mom

It feels so good to be back here, blogging again! I'm so sorry about being MIA. Alot has changed. For starters, I'm a proud mom of a 7 month old baby boy! (Yay Me!) Which brings me to my inspirational piece: "Mom Swag!"

I regret not blogging while pregnant. I had so much difficulty finding outfits with my growing and changing body. It was the most stressful part of the pregnancy, but I managed. Now I'm back, to share my new wardrobe of my new style to compliment my new life as a new mom. ^.^

Welcome and happy blogging! :)


... by nadi featuring a blue shirt
$20 -
$28 -

In a nutshell, I'm obsessed with flats and denim. I'll pair them with floral or plaid or sometimes a simple camisole under a denim shirt. Here's a picture of me and my baby boy, Roman below.

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