Monday, April 30, 2012

Wardrobe Update - It's about that time of year. :)

Girlyzzzzz I know I have been M.I.A for a while but no worries! I have been researching and viewing current trends of 2012 which I am very happy to share with you!!! 

I have updated my wardrobe this month since I have been feeling so over whelmed with these heart warming trends from this Season. Trends I have fallen in love with and hope they stay with us for some time longer. 

I found that these trends really add value to my outfits, image and over-all mood, and I'm sure it would do the same for you. These trends are:-

1.     Global Prints - neutral tones that are ready to be worn to the office or during your demanding weekdays. It helps maintain a calm, positive aura and vibe.

2.     Ocean Tones - A palette of cool blues that are water-inspiring and refreshing. Like the global prints it also contributes to a cool and natural vibe.


3.     Printed Pants - No more "everyday denims" when there are bolder and brighter bottoms to express yourself with. Just make sure you pair them with a solid color top and minimalist heels or sandals. I personally prefer ballerina flats.

Below we can see famous celebrities such as Vannessa Hudgens and Lil Wayne sporting the Printed Pants trend.

4.     Mixed Textures - Layering delicate fabrics always supply a feminine touch such as the lace and sheer finishes. They are sexy and classy at the same time. :)

5.     Bright day dresses - Pick your favorite shade of a bright color, royal blue and yellow for example, and accessorize with natural shades along with nude flats or sandals.

6.     Pleated/ full skirts - For the girly, preppy finish pair these lovely skirts with peter-pan collar blouses or conservative tops, minimal accessories and Mary Jane’s. :)


Thus far those are six of my favorite trends. Please feel free to message me on styling, putting pieces together or shopping within your budget to own these wonderful looks. Always remember, “a girl should always be two things: Classy and Beautiful.” – Coco Chanel. Xo!! <3

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