Monday, June 7, 2010

Insider reviews of Fashion Week (FWTT)

Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week was full of exciting shows, beautifully made collections and uniquely designed clothes.  It give me the opportunity to escort top designers, media and excited audience for the season's most anticipated runway presentations. I volunteer to work with media relations because of my desire to pursue Fashion Journalism for my masters. I wanted to have some exposure and be amongst my favorite models and designers. Not to mention, Rosemary Stone, my idol, the first person to study fashion abroad and be the first fashion editor of Trinidad and Tobago.

This is my first fashion week!  It was really exciting; I'm very surprised about how magical the shows have been for me and was more than happy to be a part of it. It's such a huge deal, it's overwhelming and exhilarating. I am a true fashionista, thus all my happy emotions. ^_^

The FWTT banner promoted power, sustainable development and style definition which reflected the culture of the Caribbean. The runway came to life with all the vibrant colours and earth tones. My personal favourite was Brown Sugar, Pat and Pearlhaute couture,  Pilar, Millhouse and The Cloth. These were showcased on Friday’s show. I also enjoyed the mudtone project, saleem, Donna’s designs and CAFD! Anya Ayoung Chee’s Pilar was very entertaining with her boom boxes and mix reggae beats. I would totally wear her line. However I was only present on Friday and Saturday. I was deeply saddened to miss Haute Caribbean on Sunday, the grand finale and two of my favourite designers Heather Jones who opened the show and Claudia Pegus whom I was told closed the show with a BANG! I’m sure she did.

On Friday and Saturday I was happy to work with Laura Cotton, with the media. I was placed in the “photo pic” where I was in charge of the photographers and journalist, making sure no one brought a plus one guest or camera. I also helped Joanne Brooks usher and greet the extremely excited crowd, allowing them to have a memorable and heartfelt experience. I know I did. Richard Young stated that this venture would be “pregnant with possibilities” and indeed it was.

Trinidad and Tobago fashion week was extremely fierce and fabulous!!  And I look forward to next year’s show with even more excitement and anticipation.

Zwenz!! J

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